TMG Shows

Dates and venues for the 2011 TMG Meccano Shows

May 14th & 15th 2011; TMG Meccano Show - Hobbitech Show, Benoni.

October 15th & 16th 2011; TMG Meccano Show - James Hall Transport Museum, Johannesburg.

December TBA 2011;
TMG Meccano interactive Sci-Bono.

The TMG holds at least one major show in the year where members and interested parties can come together and discuss and show Meccano models to the public.
 This year we will be holding an effective three shows throughout the year.

The Hobbitech show in Benoni will be a big show and we will be side by side with 'o' and 'n' gauge railway enthusiasts, radio hams, R/C plane and helicopter flyers and the like.

The Meccano show at the Transport museum will also be a big show for us and we will be side by side with the stationary engine guys and the live steam guys (and girls).

The last show will be a synergy event with Sci-Bono and is more fully detailed on the Meccano Projects page.

If you are not a member but have an interest in Meccano, or any of the other activities detailed above why not come along and join the group, if you are a member we need your participation and remember:- Nothing gets that Meccano Building feeling going like seeing what other members have built!